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A journey through the pitfalls of the desert and the sea

In search of a better place.

A park, a mirror of our humanity, where consuming

passions and illusions.

The two worlds overlap between memories and hopes.

What will happen?

Our Vision

Acqua is a performance, a Musical, a glimpse of life. It is a multipurpose art project.


Our purpose is to raise awareness of the major social issues of immigration and integration. It is also and above all a journey into the human universe, in which the different stories of the characters intersect and tell their own anxieties, insecurities, dreams and hopes.


Acqua is a wide-ranging project that started from afar, with an encounter that sparked an initial inspirational phase, which then became a real creative challenge, from the composition of the text, music, to the design of the sets, to the work in rehearsal.


The project also aims to provide participants with specific and unique artistic training through which even non-professional actors can derive satisfaction from a path of expressive growth up to the staging of the play.


Acqua is an experience to be had if only to open an extra door in our souls and decide to face each moment of our lives with the intensity they deserve.



         Our beginning


Radwan's story.


Radwan is from Somalia. March 3 will be his birthday.

His second birthday. Yes, because on March 3, 7 years ago, he arrived in Switzerland. On that day, he says, he was born again.


"I was born twice," he says with a veiled smile.

Like an infant, Radwan slowly learned to walk in the world, to speak, to think like the locals, the people of that strange foreign land, Ticino, to which he was forced to migrate.


    Our mission

Unveiling the invisible.


The "unknowns" seem to have no voice. The loud and mighty voices of the indigenous Swiss reverberate in every corner of their existence; there is almost no room for their songs, poems and emotions.


"All of us, with our lives and emotions, are a gift to others," Radwan says. "I want to be a gift."


This Musical is a dreamlike and fantastic journey through different cultures, a journey approached with courage and a desire to live each moment of our lives with the intensity it deserves.


With this show we hear the voice of Radwan and all those who struggle with him every day, and then we hear the voices of all of us, with our fears and apprehensions about all that is different and unknown. The voices meet and the bridge is created.


FIRST REPRESENTATIONS: Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2023, Teatro Dimitri, Verscio

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